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David Laverty

Dave, president and founder of Stay Ready, is a former U.S. Army Infantryman with a lifelong interest in shooting, hunting, fishing, trapping, and all things outdoors. For nearly 35 years Dave has been helping people prepare for extreme conditions and how to survive the elements. He is a current Pennsylvania State Constable. He also lived in the Alaskan bush for 4 years and has an extensive knowledge of cold weather operations. Most importantly, Dave is a God-fearing patriot


Patton 3.jpg

Patton Laverty

Patton is the vice president and co-founder of Stay Ready. He is a certified NRA firearms instructor, and is also an avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman. He is a hand-to-hand combat instructor as well as a HAM radio operator. Patton is also the primary consultant for Stay Ready on medical equipment, bug out bags, and tactical gear.

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