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Individual Communication Systems

I have a lot of people asking me about radios and communications so I figured I’d put something together that I hope will help you in setting up your com system. What I’m going to focus on here is a system that you would use to operate in a group of about 12 or so individuals with a reliable range of up to 20 miles depending on terrain. There’s a lot of good radio equipment out on the market today but this is what I recommend...

Equipment List

Being in the industry I see a lot of different gear and setups guys are running, and as a gear head I get really into what’s trending and what the newest and coolest stuff on the market is. As such I tend to push higher end gear pretty hard because I’ve seen sub-par equipment fail and if my life is on the line I want myself and my teammates to have the best possible chance of success. That being said you don’t need to spend a fortune to put together a functional kit...

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